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The New Preceptor Aircraft Company!

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Thank you for visiting our website! You will find this website as a great resource for Blueprints, Materials, Parts and Supplies to meet your building needs and also a great way to interact with other customers!



We have Blueprints (plans) for the Ultra Pup, N-3 Pup, Super Pup, Stinger and the STOL King. We also provide Raw Material Kits for the plans builder, which is a wonderful benifit to you as it will eliminate the task of you searching around for the best supplier. Why should you stay on the phone or internet when we have done the legwork for you?

Parts and Supplies are a must too, so we will constantly be striving to add as many as we can to our web store. Some parts like Fiberglass Cowlings and Wheel Pants are available too as these are specific to our aircraft and can't be found in the common aviation stores. Hardware such as bolts, nuts, washers, pulleys, control cable, drain valves etc. will be offered in Hardware Packages specific to each of our aircraft designs.

To order any of our products please go to the "Contact Us" page. We will be happy to discuss your order and method of payment. At this time we will be offering COD shipments depending on dollar amount of order placed.

We are constantly adding updates and pictures to this new site so please bear with us and check back reguarly to see all the new products and supplies and photos.


Thank you again and we at Preceptor wish you a happy building and flying adventure!!